They are active friends


Friendship subvention a project of value sharing created by Guillaume Brissaud, and develloped with the collaboration of Valentin Lechat.

The main goal of the friendship subvention is to collect money in order to fund artistic projects and an art residency. The basic idea was raised by the need of a place for work, a place to make installation, to prepare performances, to write... Then we decided to found an independant art residency, '' The Ghost Residence '' .

To build-up this project, our working network is mainly a friendship network. Because a lot of our friends are interested in art, are artists, are working with us, or are future participants of the residency. Actually, we wish to build something based in human relationships, so we work with our close surrounding.

The concept is very simple. If you are interested in, if you want to work with us, to come in Taiwan and get a free place to stay and work, or just support us, you just need to give us monthly a minimum amount of 10 $
US or more, by using Paypal. The first step is to create a Paypal acccount on then send your donation to the following adresses : or Its done !